A division of The Hughes Group established over 5 years ago, focused on neurology and medical devices.

In 2020, we engineered a mass human dual testing protocol to control and eradicate Covid-19. We supply:

  • the point of care test kits (both rapid antigen lateral flow and RT LAMP),
  • qualified training for staff and crew (which isn’t complex but is helpful)
  • and any other aspects of consultancy.
Our protocol has received support, agreement and purchasing agreements from governments in the EU and elsewhere.


Our rapid antigen tests are best in class


The first case of COVID-19 was reported in China in

December 2019

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The first UK lockdown was ordered on 16 March.

11 March 2020

In April 2020, a global travel ban was implemented to slow the spread of the virus.

April 2020

By the end of July 2020, the epidemic had spread worldwide with over 17 million confirmed cases.

July 2020

Over 60m cases and 1.4m deaths worldwide by November 2020. Mass testing rolled out as best way to combat virus.

November 2020

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