Manufacturing Facilities


Hughes Healthcare has established a comprehensive Quality Management System that applies international standards (EN ISO 13485), ensuring top quality test results and accuracy. With production facilities in N.Ireland, USA and China, CE Mark approved products, registrations in the UK with the MHRA and in the EU, and testing conducted at Porton Down, in the NHS, at Lund University, Sweden and at the paul Ehrlich institute, Germany, We believe that the combination of our manufacturing integrity and test results are second to none.

Production Environment

Hughes Healthcare’s tests are produced in GMP grade clean rooms for the lateral flow assay production which ensures the highest level of production standards and quality controls.

Automated Production Lines

Hughes Healthcare has implemented fully automated production lines which minimizes human mistakes and increases production efficiency

High Production Capacity

Hughes Healthcare benefits from full-time production in N.Ireland, USA and China, which can produce a weekly production capacity of 30 million test kits.