RT-LAMP Technology

The Hughes Healthcare Lampigen test is an in-vitro Point of Care diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 virus based on Reverse Transcription Loop-mediated isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP).


Our RT-Lamp tests are best in class

Test Process

A swab sample (either nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, throat or saliva) is collected from the test subject.

Step 1

The swab is then placed into the VTM and broken so that the body of the swab is left in the VTM.

Step 2

Since two genes will be tested, samples should be duplicated into two tubes. First, 17,5 μl of Mastermix is put into two adjacent tubes. Then 2,5 μl of Primer-1 is added into the first tube and 2,5 μl of Primer-2 into the second.

Step 3

The tubes are placed into the LAMP/PCR machine for 30 minutes. The device uses fluorescence detection to interpret the result of the test and will report it automatically.

Step 4

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